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Motorola’s New Phones


This is outside my normal coverage zone, but I did get a chance to attend Motorola’s phone unveiling event today and I’d be remiss in not pointing out a few things and posting some pics.

First, one of the main focus points was on modality and the ability to orient a mobile device in a specific way depending on what function it’s performing – phone, camera, music player, etc. I agree this is critical and something mobile device makers everywhere are starting to figure out. As cell phones become more complicated multimedia devices, manufacturers have to prove they can go beyond adding features and can actually implement new functionality well.

From a non-hands-on standpoint (I haven’t played with any of these devices yet), my favorite phone of the ones shown today was the MOTO Z8. The Z8 was shown originally at 3GSM earlier this year, and it is a very pretty multimedia device. In the pics below you can see how it addresses modality well, and later I’ll try to include a short video clip so you can get a sense of what video on the phone looks like too. Video on the phone runs at 30 frames-per-second and the phone will ship in Europe in June pre-packaged with The Bourne Identity. Motorola is making its case for cache-n-carry video delivery with the Z8.

Brand new at the event today was the Motorola Q9 with Windows Mobile 6. I hear from outside sources that this updated smartphone is wicked cool, and it certainly looks that way. Among the features mentioned was an adaptive screen. The adaptive screen uses “jewel light sensors” to determine what brightness level to set the display. This is great for viewing, but also for battery life.

Last thing I want to mention is the new RAZR 2. “Slimmer, Smarter, Sleeker” More important than the hardware is the completely redesigned user interface. This is a Linux/Java phone, a major new focus for Motorola. As an example of just one of the software features, you can choose pre-set text message responses and send a reply to an incoming text without ever opening the flip cover.

Enjoy the photos below. More to come later. I’m sure there will be plenty of outside coverage of today’s event from all the usual suspects. Keep an eye out.





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  1. […] great to me. Particularly in a world where more mobile devices are becoming PMPs. Now, can that connector also support media transfer so I can easily sync up any PMP with my DVR? […]

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