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Partners in Bandwidth


Mark Cuban testified in front of Congress recently that the net neutrality issue will become irrelevant when there’s enough bandwidth to go around. That’s essentially true, but in the meantime, while bandwidth supply is not infinite, it’s not a bad idea to look at how the limited resources are dolled out.

I’m sitting at a conference on Cable IPTV and a session just finished up on “New Media Strategies and Partnerships”. (Note:This post was written yesterday.) Among other participants, Brightcove is on the panel discussing the importance of relationships. Specifically, in the case of my pointed question, relationships with network operators. Brightcove is entirely dependent on operators to deliver its service, and with video over the Web, Brightcove is requiring a relatively significant amount of bandwidth from those operators. So does that happen in a vacuum? Nope.

Brightcove is very conscious of its dependence on network operators and is interested in keeping those avenues of dialog open. I don’t know what relationships exist in an official capacity, but it certainly behooves Brightcove to court operators. And as it turns out, the operators are also interested in working with Brightcove. According to Sanjay Desai, there are even discussions about working on product development together. The balance of power is certainly on the side of networks now. (Bandwidth is the trump card) However, that balance could shift toward a specific application or device in the future. It certainly makes sense for everyone to stay friendly in the interest of possible future market changes.

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