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Connexion Brings Fiber to your Neighborhood


Most of us get our broadband connections by calling the local cable or telecom provider and signing up for whatever services we’ve decided we need. However, in some planned communities the situation is a little different. Developers looking to lure homeowners understand the importance of using luxury amenities as bait. Features might include a pool, community restaurants and shops, or a fitness center. But likely as not, today the full package also comes with some high-tech goodies added in. Example: a “blazing fast” fiber network.

I met someone from a company called Connexion at a conference recently, and after hearing a bit about what he did, I decided to look up the business online. In short, Connexion works with developers as a broadband network middleman. Specifically, the company designs and deploys fiber networks for new neighborhoods and then works with local service providers (like cablecos, telcos) and even hardware providers to offer service bundles.

It’s a fascinating, almost-CEDIA-like model, with a focus on improving home values with fiber connections. According to a statistic on the Connexion site, fiber increases property value by $5,000 to $10,000. (Verizon’s research showing that people are factoring FiOS availability into their home purchases appears to support that stat.)

I wonder – How many real estate developers are turning to companies like Connexion to deliver broadband and bundled services to their neighborhoods? It’s certainly an interesting approach to getting fiber in the ground. And with service bundles that include TV, phone, Internet, home security and even remote data back-up (?!), I would certainly take a closer look as a home buyer.

*By the way, the title to this post should be sung to the tune of the old Mr. Rogers song. (“Oh the mailman is a person in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood…”)

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