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Build Your Own OCAP App!


Back at The Cable Show, one of the things Motorola announced was a new OCAP software developer kit (SDK). Doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s pretty revolutionary for the cable industry. Now that operators have committed to rolling out OCAP, the next step is to get developers on board to create new applications for the platform. Think weather and news tickers, simple interactive web pop-ups and maybe a little in the gaming arena. Oh yeah, and new electronic program guides.

The SDK itself is at a level where small development shops can take advantage of technology tools that used to be available only to the big guys who could rent time with a cable headend. It includes a PC-based simulator and access to extensions specifically added to Motorola’s OCAP stack. The reaction from developers at the Cable Show was decidedly positive, and usually included the question, “When can I get it?!”

More on the SDK later. In the meantime, see more pics after the jump. The SDK should officially become available in Q3.




7 Responses

  1. […] Connected Home 2 Go reported on a forthcoming OCAP SDK from Motorola. (CH2G is a Motorola blog.) […]

  2. […] A representative from CableLabs also mentioned that program guides are getting the most attention in these early days of OpenCable, which definitely jives with what Motorola has seen in the labs. […]

  3. Its Feb 2008 still cannot find Motorola’s OCAP sdk. Does anybody has a clue?

  4. Last I heard we’re about a month or two away. There was some sort of open source audit process that had to be undertaken. The whole process has been more time-consuming than anyone expected. Promise to keep you posted on this blog.

  5. Hi, When are we going to have Motorola’s OCAP SDK. Any information on that?

  6. […] everything I’ve heard about the tru2way/OCAP development process, there are realistic limits to how open it can be. Forget the standard itself. The issue is that […]

  7. […] last time I talked extensively about Motorola’s OCAP software development kit, the name tru2way hadn’t even been unveiled. Now that tru2way is everywhere, and cable operators […]

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