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CTAM Summit 2007


The annual cable marketing conference, CTAM Summit, is underway in Washington DC and Multichannel News is managing the daily coverage along with CTAM publication Extra Extra. (PDF links available at the CTAM Summit page linked above) Here are a few nuggets I picked out from the write-ups:

  • A recent CTAM study indicates that 29% of cable subscribers currently own HDTVs, up from 15.1% last year.
  • At least one CTAM panelist (Eric Schwartzman of PR firm Schwartzman and Assts.) believes cable operators should be hosting their own blogs. I know Cox does, though posting is somewhat sparse on the Digital Straight Talk site. There was also the Cable Show blog earlier this year.
  • MAGNA Global Research predicts that the number of cable homes will drop from 68.8 million 2006 to 65.6 million in 2011.
  • Consumer spending for basic cable, satellite and telecom video services will hit $65.9 billion by 2011, up from $46.7 billion in 2006, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • Mark Cuban is set to speak tomorrow at the Summit. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

4 Responses

  1. Maybe you just caught some of my session, but I never said I thought all cable operators should be hosting their own blogs. I don’t necessarily believe that to be the case. As I said more than once over the course of the session, blogs aren’t for everyone. In my opinion, the question isn’t whether or not to host your own blog, but rather, what specific communications objectives can participating in digital conversations help you achieve? Is it a good way to score the triple play, decrease churn, improve customer service or all three? Remember, we’re all researching our purchasing decisions online know, and when we Google, we get blogs posts as part of our search results. So the information people get about your company online comes at least partially from blog posts and if they’re negative blog posts, that’s going to color your reputation. So participating in the blogosphere is one way to make that when people search for your company or the products and services you sell that (1) you’re going to be one of the search results and (2) that your side of the story will be told. BUt blogs aren’t a magic bullet. They’re only one piece of the overall marketing puzzle.

  2. Eric- Thanks for weighing in. I only read press coverage of your panel, so I apologize if there was any misrepresentation. I am in complete agreement that blogs are only a piece of the marketing puzzle and not a cure-all. Blogs are just a tool, and only one tool at that.

  3. […] I said just a few days ago that I couldn’t wait to see what Mark Cuban had to say at the CTAM Summit? Well, I’m not disappointed. According to Multichannel News, Cuban has […]

  4. […] hardly sounds like a lot when compared to cable TV numbers or even Verizon’s FiOS TV subscribers, but AT&T’s milestone of 100,000 U-verse customers is […]

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