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Mark Cuban Does It Again


Remember I said just a few days ago that I couldn’t wait to see what Mark Cuban had to say at the CTAM Summit? Well, I’m not disappointed. According to Multichannel News, Cuban has proclaimed that the Internet is dead. How’s that for a little pot stirring?

In all seriousness, Cuban makes some good points, even if the conclusion is just a bit overblown. His main argument is that managed networks from cable and telecom companies are ultimately going to be much more efficient than the free-and-clear Internet. These networks can allocate bandwidth more effectively for consistent quality of service across a broad and highly engaged customer base. It’s the same reason I’ve argued in the past that TV on the Internet is going to have a tough time scaling against what operators have to offer.

Now before I get hammered by people who think I’m advocating that we turn everything over to network operators, let me say that I’m not in favor of losing the democratizing force that the Internet let loose. However, I’m also a realist and know that we’re moving to the next stage of net connectivity. We’re bound to see some consolidation of power in the hands of the companies that control our information highways.

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