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Holiday Gift Guide

Craig Matsumoto started a thread on a Light Reading message board that had me in hysterics. Every year public relations firms start pitching products in the summer to reporters who are doing research for holiday gift guide articles. (Yes, the lead time is long.) While the strategy makes perfect sense for publications like Newsweek or PC World, it really doesn’t apply when you’re talking about a pub like Light Reading. Craig had a few tongue-in-cheek suggestions for the PR folks pitching him including “a next-generation CMTS for Auntie Em” and “exploding DSLAMS for parties!”

In the same vein, I’ve concocted by own Top Ten Holiday Gift Guide list. Enjoy!

Holiday Gift Guide:fiber-strands.jpg

  1. Fiber to my home
  2. A Jane Jetson mask for when video telephony really gets off the ground
  3. A self-upgrading HDTV set
  4. Mark Cuban’s Ultra HD VODfemtocell_small.jpg
  5. A femtocell for my parents’ home where cell phone reception officially sucks
  6. Happy holiday wishes from the NCTA to the CEA and vice versa
  7. My very own MPEG-4 receiver/decoder
  8. Targeted advertising that doesn’t tick me off
  9. DRM that lets me play content I’ve purchased on any device
  10. Good stuff to watch on TV

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