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CE Stats


ZDNet has bundled together several interesting CE stats from Forrester. Here are a few of them with some added commentary:

  • Adoption of digital video recorders (DVRs), will more than triple to be in more than 69 million households by 2012.
    It still feels to me like DVRs have had a relatively long adoption cycle, but compared to VoIP service and even mobile phones, I suppose adoption is right on pace. I am not surprised at the growth rate projected over the next five years. The combination of triple-play bundles and the push for operators to go all-digital will no doubt support such a surge.

  • Home networks, in use by nearly 21 million households in 2006, will be in more than 58 million households by 2012.
    Once you have a home wireless network, it’s hard to imagine living without one. The convenience factor is huge and the only cost involved is the one-time price of a router. So the main deterrent is clearly technical anxiety. Fortunately network set-up is getting easier, which is probably what’s contributing to Forrester’s projected growth. Brian Santo reports that Comcast is even conducting a trail in the Bay Area to encourage new VoIP subscribers to self-install their own equipment, a process not dissimilar to setting up a home network.

  • Big price drops drove HDTVs into an additional 7.3 million households in the past year, and by the end of in 2007, more than 36 million households will have an HDTV, eventually growing to more than 69 million households in 2012.
    Wow. These stats suggest that HDTVs will be as popular as DVRs within five years. It makes sense, even if it is a bit jaw-dropping given that an HDTV purchase will set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The two technologies should go hand in hand. (Which is why Motorola’s first DVRs were HD-capable…)

  • Despite the introduction of a new generation of video game consoles, growth in consoles will remain flat, inching up just 14% over the next five years.
    What does this mean for the game-console-as-center-of-the-connected-home-theory? People who have game consoles seem to like being able to download video (Xbox Live Marketplace, new Sony PSP video download service), but the feature isn’t enough to get anyone to buy a game console who wouldn’t want on in the first place.

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