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WiMax on Water

UPDATE: Motorola has won the WiMax World USA Industry Choice Award for the CPEi 800/850 Series Desktop CPE, a WiMax-ready broadband device for the home.


Ars Technica put up a glowing review last night of Motorola’s mobile WiMax demonstration on the Chicago River. The demo took place on a short cruise during WiMax World where Motorola had a mini WiMax network set up. Press, analysts, marketing folks, etc. tried out laptops and mobile devices, testing connection speeds and various broadband applications. The verdict? A resounding, “We Want WiMax!” Sure beats EV-DO. Commercial availability is scheduled for next April under the Sprint-branded Xohm service.

Motorola’s had a huge presence at WiMax World this year and a number of WiMax-related announcements. Full press releases, white paper and video case studies available here, including a recorded demo of WiMax connectivity on the streets of Chicago.


7 Responses

  1. […] me the prod I needed to investigate a bit further into the Motorola WiMAX strategy. There’s been so much focus on the Sprint Xohm launch of late, I thought it was time to take a step back and look at other […]

  2. […] There will be a lot of WiMAX technology on display from Motorola at CES, including the new CPEi 100 single-data-port modem announced today. From the press release, the CPEi 100 will be “one of the devices used during CES on a demonstration WiMAX network built by Motorola in conjunction with Intel and Clearwire.” Perhaps along with the CPEi 300 and the CPEi 800 announced back at WiMAX World? […]

  3. […] WiMAX Motorola had a WiMAX network up and running in the booth and used it to show off super-fast wireless connections. Among the […]

  4. […] are ahead of internal deadlines. There are more than 1,000 tower sites up now, with half of those built in Chicago. The rest are scattered through Baltimore, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia and […]

  5. […] by Mari Silbey Motorola ran its first major public demonstration of WiMAX more than two years ago on a boat at WiMAX World in Chicago. The windy city is Motorola’s hometown, and since the fabled boat ride there in […]

  6. Excellent post. This is excellent stuff!!

  7. […] a little like vapor tech; lots of talk, very little in the way of implementations. As sexy as the Motorola boat ride in Chicago was, it was a demo only. But since then, WiMAX has hit the big […]

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