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New Motorola Modem


Broadband Reports wrote last week about new Motorola modems showing up in consumer self-install kits. Since the modem didn’t sound familiar to me, I thought I’d dig for some details. Here’s what I found out about the new hardware in Motorola’s modem portfolio:

  • The Motorola Netopia 2210 is a 10/100 Ethernet ADSL2/2+ modem with one Ethernet port
  • It provides automated service provisioning, software updates and service activation
  • The modem has “robust” security features including a built-in firewall and denial of service protection
  • It weighs under a pound (similar in look to the 2200 pictured above)
  • In addition to specs for quality performance and ease of use, the 2210 was designed to cut down on shipping and support costs (no truck rolls – something everyone loves to avoid)

Word is we’ll hear more about these in the near future. Or you can always hit the online forums for regular updates in the field.

2 Responses

  1. […] Or could call your ISP & ask about that (also ask whether there’s definitely a firewall). New Motorola Modem Connected Home 2 Go […]

  2. Big brother is watching you. No more privacy. Everything you do online is logged.

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