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TV Caller ID Proves Popular


One of the simplest examples of a “convergence” service in the cable world is the Caller-ID-on-your-TV feature. While not many operators offer the application yet, it’s the poster child for what’s supposed to come after the triple-play bundle; a way to benefit from getting your voice and video services from the same provider.

As far as I know there’s been little data to date on how popular TV Caller ID might be with consumers, but Bob Larribeau points out a new survey that sheds some light on the topic. An IPTV provider called Comporium in South Carolina does offer the feature and recently asked its customers how they felt about it. Two stats from that survey blow me away:

  • 25% of respondents said TV Caller ID is a “main reason” they stay with Comporium for triple-play services
  • 40% said they would be willing to pay for the service even though they get it for free now

If I were a service provider, this news would have me very excited indeed. And it would get me busy on figuring out what other “convergence” services might keep me competitive and profitable with my triple-play bundle.

2 Responses

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