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Damned Lies and DVR Statistics

nielsen-logo.gifAccording to Nielsen the number of US households with DVRs rose from 17.2% in May to 20.5% today. Hmm. Back in July the Carmel Group cited US DVR households at about 24% of the total population. So let’s split the difference between May and today and guesstimate Nielsen’s numbers at around 19% for July, the same time the Carmel Group reported. That’s a significant difference of 5 percentage points between Nielsen’s 19% and Carmel Group’s 24%.

But wait, looking back, the Carmel Group’s report came from surveys in 2005 and 2006, meaning the Carmel Group’s numbers were presumably extrapolations from this earlier data. In that case, Nielsen’s numbers seem more credible.

At least until the next study comes out.

One Response

  1. what would you say the main difference was in the quality of traffic coming from twitter trends to the equivilant from google search trends?

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