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DVR + VOD = Double Whammy


Customer research goes on all the time within Motorola, and I found a gem earlier this week. A survey of cable subscribers with DVR and VOD services showed that respondents believe overwhelmingly that having VOD doesn’t make a DVR unnecessary. Granted these folks are biased because they already pay for both services, but results across the survey pool were remarkably consistent. No one agreed with the statement that “Having on-demand, I really don’t need a DVR.” Seventy eight percent strongly disagreed, and twenty two percent somewhat disagreed.

The combination of time-shifted television at the network level (VOD) with local recording and playback (DVR) just makes sense. I don’t have enough foresight to record everything I want to watch, which means that on-demand programming that the cable network manages for me is valuable. At the same time, there is certain content that I want to control myself – shows that I watch every week or special events like a candidates’ debate.

The more digital content we want to access, the more this type of hybrid solution – remote and local storage – makes sense. And the approach extends beyond just television. I may want all of my own digital photos stored at home, but photos from a friend’s wedding I’m happy just to access online.

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  1. […] a tidbit before Turkey Day, once again dug out of Motorola primary research. Among households with both digital video recorders (DVRs) and Video on Demand (VOD), the amount of […]

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