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OECD on Broadband Speeds


The OECD has come out with a slew of new broadband statistics that have been well covered by both Broadband Reports and Ars Technica. Two charts in particular piqued by interest – first, the one above showing average advertised download speeds by OECD countries. The US ranks in at 14th. Not horrible, but certainly not great.

Second is a chart (included after the jump) showing average advertised upload speeds by technology. The OECD did not apparently break out upload speeds by country. (Maybe because the results would look so dismal?) But the comparison of cable to dsl to fiber to wireless is certainly telling. Fiber far and away outshines other technologies in upload speeds – by a factor of 60. What will happen when demand for symmetrical broadband grows in the US over the next decade? What’s the roadmap for cable and telecom companies? Deeper fiber?


2 Responses

  1. “The US ranks in at 14th. Not horrible, but certainly not great.” Huh? It is horrible. It is embarrasing for the United States of America!! Period. We should be in the top 3 or 5, not 14th!!

  2. Yes and no. While I’d sure like our average download speeds to be higher, geography and population density play a role in getting broadband out to the masses. Average speeds take into account rural areas where it’s taking longer to drive out high-speed broadband connections.

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