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Consumers Watching TV on Network Websites


Image Credit: Ars Technica
Data Source: UPenn

On the one hand there’s good news for TV networks in a new study put out by Joel Waldfogel of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Consumers, according to the study, are spending more time than ever viewing TV network content via network media properties. Despite “unauthorized” viewing of content on sites like YouTube, the networks are seeing a net gain in viewing time when you combine conventional TV viewing with video streaming on network websites.

On the other hand, there’s something like bad news, or maybe just irony, as far as cable operators are concerned. Operators built entire networks designed for video delivery, while this study suggests a growing number of people are tuning in to the same content on a network – the Internet – not built to carry the weight.

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  1. […] half an hour. Lately, though, I’ve seen more and more of the opposite. As professional content finds its way to the Web, more of what’s available online is longer video. Conversely, with the growing […]

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