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Roberts on Comcast

brian-roberts-comcast.jpgStephanie Mehta at Fortune recently interviewed Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and Om Malik posted a follow-up breaking the interview down into categories of questions with summaries of Roberts’ answers. Here are three items I found interesting:

  • Roberts called online video more of an opportunity than a threat because cable can deliver a fast connection for enabling that video. My take – while bandwidth concerns are a real issue, and Comcast certainly wants to make more money off of its existing cable TV services, the company has been smart enough to make online video an opportunity by hedging its bets in the online world, both by acquiring thePlatform and by staking out territory with its new Fancast site.
  • Mehta submitted a reader question asking what Roberts believes will be the future hub of the digital home. In my opinion, Roberts’ answer was spot on. There probably won’t be a single hub in the foreseeable future. For some consumers the hub may be the mobile phone. For some, it may be the home theater.
  • Roberts had one killer line in the interview about Comcast’s financial performance: “We’re pleased that for every customer we lost in cable, we gained ten telephone customers.” Touche.

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