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Motorola MPEG-4 Set-Tops


If you read this blog regularly, you may have seen this news coming. Motorola is introducing a whole new line of MPEG-4 AVC, all-digital set-tops. The DCX line includes the DCX3400 dual-tuner HD DVR, the DCX3200 single-tuner HD set-top, and the DCX100 single-tuner SD set-top.

With broadcasters already making the switch to MPEG-4 compression, the shift this year in cable set-tops was inevitable. As with encoders, however, the transition isn’t going to happen all at once. Which is why the new DCX set-tops support MPEG-4 and MPEG-2.

Other features in the DCX line include:

  • 1GHz tuners – Many operators are already upgrading to 1GHz networks for future bandwidth savings. Tuners in these set-tops will let them take advantage of those upgrades.
  • DOCSIS downstream channel bonding – Yup. A data connection. For “future services”.
  • Choice of software – As always, operators can run the software they want on these set-tops, legacy or OpenCable-based. (Tru2way?)
  • Support for MoCA (whole-home networking), HTML, DOCSIS, MCard, OpenCable and Dolby Digital Plus

12 Responses

  1. Wow nice!

    Hopefully it sports a decent CPU, memory, graphics power and allows for native HD resolution pass through.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this. It looks nice. I will be keeping my eyes out for the full hardware specs and unit dimensions.

  2. […] cable. Of course, part of that shift would have to be MPEG-4 capable cable set-top boxes. And now, according to MediaExperiences2Go, Motorola is ready to meet that need with the DCX3400 dual-tuner HD DVR, DCX3200 single-tuner HD […]

  3. It supports scaling up to 1080i and offers pass-through support for 1080p. Still waiting on the rest of the specs, but I’ll keep you posted.

  4. […] Finally, here’s a close-up of the new MPEG-4 set-tops. […]

  5. […] music, phonographs, player pianos, radios, TVs, remote controls, cassette tape recorders, VCRs and DVRs. Second, the studios could save a lot of time and money by not continuing to fight this out in […]

  6. […] online forum thread on the Broadband Reports site confirms that Motorola DCX set-tops are now officially live in the field. I’ve heard rumblings about deployments since CES in […]

  7. I want to know if this cable BOXES, MOTOROLA MPEG-4 set -tops is Decoder for any cable companies.

  8. I have frequented your website before. The more I take in, the more I keep coming back! 😉

  9. […] DOCSIS 2.0+ embedded cable modem with support for downstream channel bonding (Note: no operator has asked for this functionality yet) […]

  10. […] accelerated growth in cable set-tops with embedded DOCSIS modems. Motorola has quietly offered embedded modems in its higher-end set-tops for years now, but In-Stat is projecting that these types of boxes will double in cable households […]

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