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VDSL Gateway at CES

motorola-netopia-vdsl-gateway-ces.jpg motorola-netopia-vdsl-gateway-ports-ces.jpg

As I’m still wrapping up coverage of the products and demos from CES, here’s a quick look at Motorola’s VDSL2+ gateway. Per my earlier conversation with Alan Lefkof, it looks like this will be a big year for upgrades from ADSL to VDSL. The gateway shown here (Motorola Netopia 7000 series) can reach throughput levels up to 100 Mbps and includes four Ethernet ports, two ports for VoIP and a POTS back-up port.

Interestingly, a consumer receiving TV over DSL needs both a set-top and a modem/gateway for access (cable TV only requires a set-top), with a lot of the quality of service (QoS) functions taking place on the gateway device. In other words, the gateway picks up a lot of the slack in making it possible for operators to deliver voice, video and data simultaneously without any service degradation.

2 Responses

  1. […] in many parts of the world DSL infrastructure is built out with short copper loops. Motorola’s latest VDSL gateway can reach throughput levels up to 100 […]

  2. […] announced today the availability of its new line of VDSL2 gateways. We saw a sample gateway back at CES, but three versions of the product have now been officially released into the wild. The line of […]

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