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AT&T’s New 10 Mbps Data Tier


Broadband Reports has a post up about AT&T’s new 10 Mbps service dropping on February 1st, and I have a nice little chart to go along with Karl Bode’s analysis of the throughput numbers. (See above) With VDSL2, AT&T can deliver roughly 50 Mbps with copper loop lengths of 1,000 feet, and roughly 25 Mbps with lengths up to 3,000 feet. In each case that bandwidth is split between data and video services.

At short distances, VDSL2 is a great option for broadband delivery even as bandwidth demands continue to grow. And in many parts of the world DSL infrastructure is built out with short copper loops. Motorola’s latest VDSL gateway can reach throughput levels up to 100 Mbps.

One Response

  1. With its new DSL max tier @ 10mbps down/1.5mbps up, AT&T is nowhere near competitive with cable companies doing 16/2, 20/5, 30/5 and so on. Real broadband needs to be changed from 200 kbps to 2 gigabits as the new minimum.

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