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IP Set-Top Shipments Rising


The latest out of IMS Research shows that nearly 8.4 million IP set-tops shipped worldwide in 2007, and the research firm predicts IPTV households to grow 52.2% annually through 2012. Primary markets include Asia (China and South Korea) and Europe. However, AT&T is on target to hit one million IPTV households by the end of this year.

As of the end of 2007, Motorola had shipped 3.4 million IP set-tops total.


Editor’s Note: I mistakenly posted a pic of the DCX set-top originally.  The current image above shows Motorola IP set-tops.


3 Responses

  1. Will the new DCX series set top be compatable with a Hybrid QAM/IP configuration? ie) would Verizon be able to make use of this new line?

    I also hope a “Native” HD resolution pass through would be available on these new set tops, or via a firmware update to existing DCT and DCH HD terminals.

    If you can indeed change the resolution on the fly while the box is booted and running via the front panel button on a DCH series, I see no reason why Motorola can’t write a simple routine to allow for a native resolution option in the Power Off > Menu setup.

    Of course something in the box has to know what the current tuned channel input resolution is. This is evident in d10 Audio/Video Status diagnostic. For example, I’m tuned to Ch 148, FUSE… I see: Input Format: 4:3 704x480i 30. Next I tune to Ch 229 MHD, I see Input Format: 16:9 1920x1080i 30

    So obviously the current firmware needs to know the input format so it knows how to scale the current output. If it simply reads this “input format” register, it could key the scaler with the correct output resolution.

    Simply look at PACE and Cisco boxes for more real life working examples. If you could pass this on, thanks!!!

  2. I’m sure Motorola would be happy to sell Verizon a hybrid version of the DCX.

    Which just made me realize I posted a pic of the DCX rather than one of Motorola’s IP set-tops. Oops. Will correct that now.

    RE: pass-through support – the DCX supports scaling up to 1080i and offers pass-through support for 1080p. I’ll see if I can dig up any more detail.

  3. […] Motorola can lend credence to that fact with the active discussions taking place now around Motorola’s IP set-tops and GPON access technology. Operators are interested in IPTV, and some are starting to act on that […]

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