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Start the Cable Show Drum Roll – New Motorola CherryPicker Ad Insertion Platform Announced

Since the acquisition of Terayon last year, Motorola’s been fairly close-mouthed about its targeted advertising activities, but today, as part of an extended lead-up to the Cable Show, Motorola announced a new version of the CherryPicker Application Platform (CAP-1000). Here’s a little background.

First, several years ago, Terayon introduced the DM6400 CherryPicker product. The DM6400 does video grooming, rate shaping and digital ad insertion, and is well-regarded and heavily deployed in the industry. Then, last summer, Terayon launched the CAP-1000 product, version one. Unlike the DM6400, the CAP-1000 supports MPEG-4 rate shaping and hundreds of video streams at a time. However, version one is also limited to only MPEG-4 rate shaping and has other specifications that were made to satisfy a specific customer’s needs.

Now Motorola, with Terayon under its belt, is launching CAP-1000, version two. Unlike version one, version two does MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 rate shaping along with ad insertion. It still supports hundreds of simultaneous streams (HD and SD), allowing hundreds of ads to be digitally inserted at the same time.

Digital ad insertion is a topic of huge interest to the cable industry and is sure to be discussed at great length in a couple of weeks at the Cable Show. Without going into detail yet on how the CAP-1000 fits into the rest of Motorola’s advanced advertising strategy, here are a few key details on the product:

  • The CAP-1000 has the code base of the DM6400, which means it is well-tested in the field.
  • The CAP-1000 is hugely scalable, capable of evolving with software-only upgrades into a platform that delivers thousands of simultaneous streams.
  • There is near-instantaneous failover redundancy built into the CAP-1000 to protect against program failure.

More to come…

4 Responses

  1. […] advanced advertising strategy has evolved significantly over the last couple of years, but much of the work and change has taken place outside of the public eye. I finally had a chance […]

  2. […] get a chance to shoot HD content, which will then be encoded and spliced into live video using the Motorola CherryPicker CAP1000. As someone who used to do amateur editing of analog tape, I think this demo is just cool. I’m […]

  3. […] historical context, the most recent version of the CherryPicker CAP-1000 was launched at The Cable Show last year and configured for ad insertion with the Motorola B3 video server. It does MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 rate […]

  4. Hi, excellant article.

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