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New Motorola TX32 at the ANGA Cable Show

Download a 178 Mb File in Less than 12 Seconds

The ANGA Show follows on the heels of The Cable Show for a European look at the cable market. I’m hoping to get updates directly from the show floor, but in the meantime it’s worth noting that Motorola announced commercial availability of the TX32 decoupled downstream module from ANGA in Germany today. In short, the TX32 increases downstream cable bandwidth by 500%. It adds 32 downstream channels to a cable modem termination system (CMTS) by replacing a single 2×8 card in a CMTS chassis. It is the perfect complement to channel bonding technology because the TX32 increases overall capacity, while channel bonding increases peak bandwidth (speeds of 100 Mbps and more) to a single cable modem.

For background on the Motorola TX32, see the video above. I shot a few segments at The Cable Show and stitched them together for an overall demo. What you see is Motorola’s Chuck Schauber talking through the TX32, showing how it fits into the Motorola BSR 64000 CMTS, and then demonstrating the download of an HD movie trailer (178 Mb) in less than 12 seconds. Interestingly, the channel bonding takes place with two downstream channels from a standard 2×8 card, and two downstream channels from a new TX32.

6 Responses

  1. […] in network equipment sales in the wake of DOCSIS 3.0 developments) There are a few options. Some CMTS units allow software upgrades to add DOCSIS 3.0 capabilities. Where that’s not a possibility, operators […]

  2. […] launched the TX32 decoupled downstream module nine months ago. Despite the complicated and wordy name, the TX32 is a very simple concept. […]

  3. […] just a software upgrade, but by adding in specific D3 hardware – as Armstrong is doing with Motorola’s Tx32 decoupled downstream module – the advantages go beyond channel bonding and higher peak speeds. The Tx32 hardware […]

  4. […] Motorola has the solution–the TXPlus. Introduced this week, the TXPlus software upgrade for Motorola’s TX32 decoupled downstream module will enable MSO’s to dramatically increase downstream bandwidth cost […]

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