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Rumors of the Death of the Set-Top…

There was much buzz when the announcement came out that Sony is now working with the cable industry to develop tru2way TVs. The first wave of coverage suggested the set-top is quickly on its way to the dust heap of history. Then cooler heads prevailed in the second wave, suggesting that the Sony/tru2way initiative is a good thing, but does not, by far, mean the end of set-tops. Regarding Motorola’s role in all this, there’s sometimes been an assumption that Motorola is against tru2way because of the company’s stake in set-tops. However, that’s a very shortsighted view. If you look at history, Motorola’s been absolutely committed to tru2way since its inception. More importantly, the mass deployment of tru2way products means a growing market for cable services. Motorola has every reason to be in favor of that.

Here’s what some of the industry experts have had to say on the subject:

2 Responses

  1. […] so often the press latches on to the idea that the set-top is on death row. The notion is absurd for a number of reasons, but to […]

  2. […] have long predicted the death of the set-top, and yet it’s alive and kicking. As part of today’s quarterly […]

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