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WiMAX *and* LTE – Motorola’s Commitment to Both 4G Technologies

There continues to be a general presumption that investing in a 4G technology is an either/or proposition, and for some it is. But there should be no question that Motorola is committed to both WiMAX and LTE. There’s been a great deal of excitement around LTE of late, but that in no way means that there aren’t advantages to WiMAX or that Motorola plans to leave WiMAX opportunities on the table. Beyond everything else, there is much in common between WiMAX and LTE, giving an edge to developers of LTE technology who have also had proven field experience with WiMAX deployments.

Stay tuned for more on Motorola and WiMAX at the WiMAX Forum Global Congress. In the meantime, here’s an official statement from Motorola’s Darren McQueen on the company’s WiMAX and LTE work.

We’re pursuing both WiMAX and LTE because we have the intelligence, experience and customer interest to pursue both simultaneously. We have certainly learned a lot from our WiMAX experience both from a development perspective and in deployments of IP Networks and how customers plan to use these networks. Our committed focus and investment is enabling Motorola to deliver market-leading mobile media solutions like WiMAX and LTE to the global marketplace.

Realistically, WiMAX has had a two-year head start on LTE, and the availability of WiMAX solutions in the market today provides “Greenfield” entrepreneurial operators with TDD spectrum a great time-to-market advantage for deploying high-capacity wireless broadband networks. We envision multiple access technologies suiting different operators’ needs and environment and think WiMAX and LTE will work together very nicely. Each has its own benefits and is suited to address different target market segments.

In March 2008, Motorola announced a key component of our LTE solution is our common baseband platform, which is capable of both LTE and WiMAX. Since WiMAX customers will deploy the common platform in 2008 in commercial WiMAX networks, Motorola LTE customers will enjoy a distinct advantage deploying LTE on a field proven platform in 2009 and beyond.

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