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If you think about GPON in the US at all (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks – a fiber-to-the-home network standard), you think about Verizon. Verizon’s been high-profile on its fiber deployments and the migration from BPON technology to GPON. However, it’s not the only operator making a GPON move. Two smaller telecoms announced today that they’re committing to GPON deployments with Motorola gear: D&P Communications, headquartered in Michigan, and PBT Communications, headquartered in South Carolina.

What’s particularly interesting about the news is that both D&P and PBT are using RF overlays with their fiber networks. In other words, for the video portion of their services, both operators will start with RF signals, translate and transport those signals via IP, and then translate the electrical signals back to RF at the consumer house (via a Motorola ONT). The reason for this is so they can continue to use existing set-tops and headend equipment. At the same time, the operators still get the flexibility of an IP fiber network, including the ability to offer massive broadband data speeds. RF video plus IP data equals cost-effective next-gen network.

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  2. […] As much as we tend to focus on the big operators deploying broadband, there are a whole host of smaller entities offering broadband services in pockets of the US. And many of these smaller providers are building out the highest capacity networks. […]

  3. […] to that fact with the active discussions taking place now around Motorola’s IP set-tops and GPON access technology. Operators are interested in IPTV, and some are starting to act on that […]

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  5. […] concerned, that’s just fine. Motorola is a leader in video encoding, video encryption, and video infrastructure. As we look to 2010, however, there’s still a lot of growth and change ahead for the set-top. […]

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