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Comcast Rolls with DTAs

Todd Spangler has the scoop this morning that Comcast has announced it will order up to six million digital terminal adapters (DTAs) in 2008 from Motorola, Pace and Thomson. The DTA move suggests Comcast has gotten serious about migrating to all-digital systems in the near term. That certainly jives with what Steve Burke was saying at yesterday’s SCTE panel session.

In case you’re wondering how a DTA works, there is no conditional access technology involved. All the DTA does is convert QAM signals broadcast in the clear to analog for analog subscribers. Analog subscribers can avoid making the jump to digital, but they’ll get limited channels, no program guide, and no two-way services.

8 Responses

  1. […] Comcast has been as enthusiastic about migrating to all-digital broadcasts recently as deploying switched digital video to save bandwidth. Another type of Motorola adapter, […]

  2. […] reclaim analog bandwidth, Comcast is deploying digital terminal adapters (DTAs) to analog-only customers.  According to Werner, so far Comcast has had great success installing […]

  3. […] the moment. As part of a “marination” period, Comcast is deploying digital set-tops and DTAs for basic subcribers during already-scheduled truck rolls. After new hardware is the field, Comcast […]

  4. […] digital terminal adapters (DTAs) have been out and about for more than a year, several manufacturers, including Motorola, have been lobbying to get new product versions approved […]

  5. […] months. After initial excitement back in 2007, enthusiasm for the technology waned in the wake of DTA success, and regulatory concerns around the tuning adapters needed to make SDV work with retail DVRs. Now […]

  6. […] the cable operator put switched digital video on the back burner in 2008 in order to focus on DTA deployments. Returning to SDV now, Comcast plans to start rollouts in 2010, with broader deployments in 2011 […]

  7. […] video archive, a friend and colleague forwarded me this online video tutorial for setting up your Digital Transport Adapter. (Sometimes called a Digital Terminal Adapter) It’s a bit on the cheesy side, but if […]

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