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Motorola Tuning Adapter Clears CableLabs Certification Wave 60

The cat’s out of the bag. Even though there’s been no official press release, CableLabs leaked and then confirmed that the Motorola MTR700 was one of two tuning adapters to be awarded certification in the recent Cert Wave 60. Quick recap: the tuning resolver is what will allow one-way cable devices to continue to access all cable channels even when some channels are moved to a switched digital network. Current plans are for the MTR700 to ship in the fourth quarter.

Interestingly, Comcast has been as enthusiastic about migrating to all-digital broadcasts recently as deploying switched digital video to save bandwidth. Another type of Motorola adapter, the DTA100, is on order from Comcast and will convert digital signals to analog for subscriber hold-outs still clinging to basic cable service.

Meanwhile, SDV work does continue to move forward. Cable Digital News recently reported that Comcast has added two more trial markets in Minnesota. Motorola has commitments in hand to pass more than 24 million households with SDV service.

8 Responses

  1. This is getting a little old. Remember all that “fast track” stuff and how this was originally supposed to ship in the second quarter? Now its the fourth quarter (which could be December 31st), and who knows if it will slip again. If it passed certification, why isn’t it shipping this quarter, which doesn’t end for another two and a half months?

  2. It is the cable industry after all… 😉 (Joke, people!) Seriously, I heard Q3 to Q4 and went safe with Q4. As far as I know, the slippage isn’t a production issue.

  3. Yeah, just worried that production in Q4 could mean Dec 31st, which could mean volume orders later, then a test with friendlies at one site with Time Warner, and then over a six month period a slow rollout, with Comcast even slower than that, and big cities in the west where I live, far from Philadelphia, being the last to see it. I’d no longer be shocked if I don’t have one in my hands before the end of 2009…

  4. I’ll be deducting proportionally from my bill any channels that I cannot receive via my CCard (with Tivo Series 3) due to SDV. Let Time Warner say good bye to me as a customer if they don’t accept that. When the tuning adapter does arrive it should be FREE.

  5. […] enthusiasm for the technology waned in the wake of DTA success, and regulatory concerns around the tuning adapters needed to make SDV work with retail DVRs. Now SDV is making a comeback. Motorola announced this […]

  6. […] Posted on June 29, 2010 by Mari Silbey We’re likely to hear more about tuning adapters in the coming months as cable operators ramp up their switched digital video rollouts. And […]

  7. Does the MTR-700 allow 3 tuner access on my 3 turner Moxi DVR?


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    write ups thanks once again.

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