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Build Your Own tru2way App!

The last time I talked extensively about Motorola’s OCAP software development kit, the name tru2way hadn’t even been unveiled. Now that tru2way is everywhere, and cable operators and CE vendors alike have thrown their weight behind it, I’m thrilled to finally have an update on the SDK. It’s available! Today!

Official word on the hold-up is that a thorough open source audit mired the SDK in testing much longer than expected. The good news is, because the Motorola tool is built on open source, customers don’t need to worry about any other third-party licenses.

To clear up a few questions on the SDK, I talked with Motorola’s Frank Goddard yesterday. Here are the details:

Who is the SDK geared for?
The SDK is suited for three types of customers: established interactive TV vendors like TV Guide and Microsoft, new application developers (including small development shops), and cable operators themselves.

What does it include?
Motorola ships the SDK software and a Motorola set-top to every licensee so applications can be tested in a stand-alone environment. There is no additional hardware needed – no headend, no object carousel servers, nothing. Customers also get full access to a technical support website and regular software upgrades as Motorola releases updates.

Are there any other OCAP SDKs available today?
There are, but they tend to be very expensive and/or require additional hardware. Motorola’s solution is relatively inexpensive.

What kinds of OCAP/tru2way applications are we likely to see developed?
Initially the focus is on program guides (EPGs) and VOD services, though there will likely be a push for new advertising applications beyond that.

What kind of response is Motorola expecting for the SDK?
There has already been a huge response among people who were aware that an SDK would be made available. Orders are already coming in.

Is there a product fact sheet?
It is now available here.

Are there any product pictures?
Screenshots of the interface and a sample gaming application are below.

2 Responses

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  2. That commercial is so perfect to generate to parody pretty much anything. Oh Old Spice, you amazing meme creators…

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