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Comcast to Introduce Bandwidth Cap on October 1st

Broadband Reports broke the news this morning that Comcast is implementing a 250GB monthly bandwidth cap starting October 1st. While as a consumer I’d love to stay cap-free, in all fairness to Comcast, 250 gigabytes is a pretty high ceiling, well above the range that most people need or could even hope to use right now. Karl Bode reports that it’s likely Comcast will charge $15 for every 10GB used above the 250GB cap.

A few quick thoughts:

  • It appears Comcast is going to be transparent about the capping process; something I appreciate very much.
  • More and more bandwidth-intensive applications are rolling into market. How will this affect consumer perspectives on broadband limitations?
  • Now that Comcast is moving forward, is any US cable operator likely to forego bandwidth caps from here on out?

4 Responses

  1. That’s Comcastic!

    Where is the transparency? I just read this over at Ars:

    “Comcast Senior Vice President Mitch Bowling explained the idea to Bloomberg News yesterday, but offered no details except to say that the deprioritization would only drop perceived speeds to the level of a “really good DSL experience.” Interesting, but what does that mean, exactly?”


    Sounds as transparent as lead.

  2. I like the transparency of the caps. Comcast isn’t going to drop you for using a lot of bandwidth without letting you know what a lot of bandwidth is.

    The slow-lane stuff is a different component. I’m waiting to hear more.

  3. […] line? Content owners can still make money by distributing select video for free online, and yet if bandwidth caps don’t keep up with consumer use, that revenue stream (and its significant potential for growth), […]

  4. […] The headline above doesn’t strictly parse, but it still points to an interesting question. In a world where the argument for flat-fee broadband is fought regularly in the public forums of tech blogs and Twitter, where does actual Internet usage stack up? Jeff Baumgartner is finding out as part of Comcast’s trial of its new bandwidth meter tool. He’s got the new bit counter up and running, and was (I’m speculating) hoping for a spiking graph to show off his geek cred. Despite streaming the final season of the The Wire in February, however, Jeff didn’t even break 1 GB of usage. He did push up to 6 GB last December, but even that mark barely registered under Comcast’s 250 GB monthly cap. […]

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