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New US WiMAX Networks Hitting 11 Mbps Download Speeds

WiMAX World is still nearly a month away, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t US WiMAX updates in the meantime. Paul Kapustka spoke this week with Barry West of Sprint Xohm and verified that in fact the Xohm WiMAX network rollouts are ahead of internal deadlines. There are more than 1,000 tower sites up now, with half of those built in Chicago. The rest are scattered through Baltimore, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia and Dallas/Fort Worth.

According to West, Sprint is seeing speeds up to 11 Mbps with the Xohm network close to Sprint towers. However, West cautions that ultimate end-user WiMAX speeds will depend as much on the devices being used as the network itself. The first consumer test comes this month with the official Xohm launch in Baltimore.

2 Responses

  1. The UN recognizes electromagnetic sensitivity syndrome. Our bodies are electromagnetic and hundreds of scientific reports show biological harm from NON-IONIZING radiation. See http://www.bioinitiative.org/report. This is not good for human health, and what about the interference patterns these myriad frequencies create when encountering eachother. This is tomorrow’s asbestos, and it certainly isn’t the best for us.

  2. […] WiMAX network rollouts around the corner (still waiting for more details there), it’s nice to see more WiMAX consumer devices queued up […]

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