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Cox Has its Broadband Bases Covered

Cox Communications is doing a lot to make sure its broadband services are up to speed, literally. First, in an interview with Multichannel News’ Todd Spangler, Cox SVP Jay Rolls talks about upgrades to 1 GHz, DOCSIS 3.0 and switched digital video deployments. On the 1 GHz front, Rolls acknowledges, “we’re well past the halfway point.” He also points out something interesting about upgrading modems to take advantage of the additional spectrum. Namely, Cox has to roll out new CPE for DOCSIS 3.0 anyway, so it makes sense to get the benefit of the 1 GHz upgrade at the same time.

As I wrote earlier in the year, Cox has decided to delay its transition to all-digital systems, which has its pros and cons. But with the triple whammy of 1 GHz, DOCSIS 3.0 and SDV, the cableco certainly has the bandwidth situation well in hand. Rolls believes the combination of technologies should cover Cox’s bandwidth needs for the next decade.

On the wireless front, meanwhile, Cox has mobile broadband plans that include using Sprint’s network in the short term, and its own 3G and 4G networks in the years to come. The roadmap includes LTE trials using the 700 MHz spectrum Cox bought at auction earlier this year. Light Reading quotes Cox president Pat Esser:

Wireless service will be a key driver to Cox’s future growth… We’ve already invested more than $500 million to acquire wireless spectrum and to develop the infrastructure and human resources needed to architect our own advanced wireless service.

5 Responses

  1. Of course Cox has it covered. They are private as far as I know. Conglomerate giant Comcast does not care to move to 1 GHz because it has shareholders to worry about when spending money on improving the network.

    Wish I had Cox about now. At least my network would be state of the art :-/

  2. @cypherstream Yes, the private company thing works in Cox’s favor. On the other hand, Verizon is public and it’s spent billions on FTTH.

  3. […] this clip covers the emergence of content delivery across multiple platforms, has Cox talking about 1 GHz set-tops, and lands on Emmy-winning Motorolan Ajay Luthra talking about the expansion of bit rate […]

  4. […] Currently has a premier speed tier with 15 Mbps downstream (20 Mbps with PowerBoost), but has upgraded many of its systems to 1GHz, giving it room for speed […]

  5. […] as a client set-top in a multi-room DVR network. Rounding out the top-line specs, the DCX700 has a 1 GHz tuner, HDMI support, and Dolby Digital Plus. It’s also cost-effective for operators making the […]

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