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Big WiMAX Vote


It’s hard to believe that anything was accomplished yesterday while the nation was preoccupied with an historic presidential election.  However, business continued, and at least one other important vote took place while average citizens were casting their presidential (and state and local election) ballots.  The FCC voted unanimously to approve the joint venture combining Sprint’s WiMAX network with Clearwire’s.

The FCC’s approval will accelerate the rollout of a nationwide WiMAX network, which is good for many reasons. It’s good for consumers because we get another option for mobile broadband with higher-than-3G speeds and flexible pricing. It’s good for everyone involved in the Clearwire deal because it means new opportunities to sell wireless services in the near term. And, yes, it’s good for Motorola, which sells WiMAX chipsets, infrastructure equipment, and consumer devices around the world.

It’s interesting to note again that, according to the president of the WiMAX Forum, there are more than 480 WiMAX devices already under development. Combined with an accelerated network rollout, that means we could see serious WiMAX adoption in the US in 2009. Of course, early adopters are already taking advantage of high-speed WiMAX connections in Baltimore… and even in other US metro areas.

One Response

  1. Great to hear FCC approved the deal. Clearwire and Sprint have been working on this for some time and at some point in time they dropped the deal but I’m glad to hear WiMAX will finally go nation wide.


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