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Tales of WiMAX Use in Metro DC

xohm-wimax-user-blog-entryMy friend Dave Zatz has been (somewhat surreptitiously) using the WiMAX network in suburban Maryland for a while now, but another colleague just forwarded me evidence of further WiMAX use in the region today. Check out Ken Foreman’s blog, which among other things, chronicles his WiMAX experience in Reston Virginia and DC proper. He’s got great photos from Capitol Hill too, where WiMAX is apparently up and running. My favorite quote from today’s post:

God, this this is a godsend! …I can really work anywhere…

Also, of note, apparently there is now a Xohm user group in Washington DC. (Will they change the name now that Xohm is Clear?) You can join on Facebook.

10 Responses

  1. […] MediaExperiences2go :: Tales of WiMAX Use in Metro DC * XOHM Blog :: What would you like to see on the XOHM […]

  2. I’ve been using XOHM in DC and Philly since mid-October. There are still gaps in both cities, but it’s pretty good for something that isn’t yet official.

  3. @GeoffreyM I didn’t realize there was any coverage in Philly. That’s good to know. Have you tried the Philly suburbs? Maybe I can score a Motorola USB adapter for testing purposes.

  4. […] Mari Sibley over at Motorola blogland has some links to folks who are enjoying pre-launch WiMax in Washington, D.C. … more WiMax […]

  5. I have heard only Pakistan is the country which has deployed wimax to its fullest available resources.?

  6. Yes that is correct. Pakistan is the only country and now india is also working over delpoyement in most of thier states

  7. I love how those last two comments, a question followed by an answer, came from two different people (right) 1 minute apart. 50 bucks says it’s the same IP address. Mari, you’re so much nicer to the comment abusers than I am. πŸ˜‰

  8. It’s interesting to read the comments, the emails, and the server logs.

    On my own blog, I’ve been getting multiple registrations from users with Gmail accounts. Seeing that the Gmail accounts aren’t real, I usually delete them. I agree with Dave in saying that Mari is much kinder to comment abuse. Those two comments above sound more like propaganda than PR.

    I can only answer to my own experiences, so emails from Russia, Korea, the Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia don’t get much of an answer from me. Worldwide, the lack of a signal frequency standard for WiMAX seems to be frustrating international users. Should WiMAX really take off, we may need “tri-band WiMAX devices” in the coming year or two.

    Best wishes to the Motorola folks working on making this possible. =)

  9. It’s not so much a matter of being nice, as having the time to filter and delete. πŸ˜‰ If it’s not offensive or outright spam, I usually leave it alone.

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