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CES 2009 Poll

CES 2009 is right around the corner, and the conversations have already begun about what’s likely to be hot at this year’s annual gadget fest. I have my own ideas, but I’m curious what readers of this blog think. Friday also seems like a good day to try out the new WordPress poll functionality.

So what do you think? Vote below! And please leave comments if you vote “other”.

5 Responses

  1. The ONLY thing of true interest at CES will be the Unit2 PMP from iRiver. If you see one, take pictures, video, get all the info you can please! Could be a real game changer when connected to a VLC server and Amazon cloud services.

    “…iRiver is readying a Linux-based media recorder/player comprised of a detachable mobile unit and tethered docking station. The Unit2’s base station offers a DVD/CD player, TV tuner, and PC-style I/O, while the detachable display features a 7-inch WVGA (800×480) touchscreen, WiFi, and USB.

    Apparently, the idea is to use the docking station to record DVDs, music CDs, or TV content onto the portable unit, which can then be carried with the user. The portable unit presumably recharges when plugged into the unit, and reportedly connects to the unit via WiFi, offering voice- and video-over-IP phone features as well as media playback capabilities.

    iRiver offered sneak peeks of the Unit2 at last January’s CES, however, few real specifics are available at this time. iRiver did not respond to requests for information.


  2. Todd, sounds a lot like the Archos devices that have been available for years. Though they don’t allow you to install things – like a VLC.

  3. I’ve voted for personal products that demonstrate the next evolution of place-shifting technology. The impact of the recession has forced many Americans to juggle multiple roles, further stretching the constraints of the multi-tasking behavior required to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

    A clear example of a product to address this phenomenon is the product we’ll be debuting at CES. Archerfish will completely change how business owners and homeowners interact with video by letting them be virtually in several places at once. It illustrates not only place-shifting technology but a new market space called Mobile Video Intelligence, which combines the Web and intelligent software to push user-defined event video to one’s mobile device. (www.myarcherfish.com)

  4. […] what do people think will be hot at CES this year? According to the entirely unscientific poll I ran earlier in the month, the top categories will be mobile Internet devices (MIDs), and new video applications (interactive […]

  5. Thanks everyone for the great insight and post here. Its great when everyone can share ideas and expirence with others and when it makes a differnce as well. I will be making a contribution here as well. Thanks

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