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Motorola Predictions, the New Set-Top-to-Handset Service, and More

In an ongoing series of executive interviews to wrap up the year, I spoke recently with Motorola’s John Burke on some of the most important milestones for the video industry in 2008 and his predictions for 2009. Here are some of the highlights in written form along with audio sound bytes and a 60-second bonus video.

Notable Accomplishments for the Video Industry in 2008

There were several. First, many operators successfully began moving toward all-digital broadcasts, meeting deadlines mandated by the FCC. Second, in North America we saw new advanced video compression schemes deployed, with Motorola’s programmer customers as well as several key service providers transitioning from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 AVC. Third, there was an explosion of video content largely driven by new HD offerings. And fourth, we saw a number of new innovative home solutions including enhanced DVR experiences and new media management applications enabling consumers to share their personal content from PCs networked to set-tops around the home.

Audio clip on Internet video and new types of content available on broadband networks (Hit play below)

The Beginning of a Trend toward Personalization in Video

There is a lot to be gained from personalization. As consumers grow more sophisticated and expectations rise, there’s a drive in the industry toward offering more seamless, converged video experiences. At the same time, operators are gaining new revenue opportunities through personalization both from advances in targeted advertising  and from the ability to create new service offerings.

Internationally, one of Motorola’s large customers, KDDI, commercially deployed what we believe is the world’s first fixed-mobile convergence platform. The platform allows subscribers to personalize their content access by converging services across mobile and in-home video networks and devices.

Audio clip on the launch of KDDI’s au Box service (Hit play below)

Predictions for 2009

Every year we predict a flattening of demand for broadband connectivity, and every year the high levels of demand surprise us. I think we’ll see that again in 2009. I also think demand for HD content will exceed expectations. Finally, in 2009 I think we’ll see true convergence of Internet content with more traditional broadcast and VOD content in new, differentiated service packages.

Bonus Video after the Jump

Motorola’s Kevin Wirick on the Motorola Video Portfolio:

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