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TV Medicine and Other tru2way Apps


Even as President-elect Obama aims to digitize health records within five years, the commercial and academic sectors are working at other ways to improve the health system through technology. MIT, for example, is working with the video industry on an application for providing medical reminders to patients through their TV sets. Very few people take their medications exactly as prescribed, which results in a huge margin of error – one that everyone would like to see decline.

At CES this year, a representative from MIT demonstrated the new application on a Motorola set-top. As shown in the photos above and below, the tru2way application acts as a prescription reminder and provides details on medications and dosages. Using the technology, doctors would be able to send reminders and info directly from their office computers to patient TVs. The application is conceptual only, but it points to the ways we’ll see the health industry evolve in the coming years.

Motorola also showed off other tru2way apps in the CES booth, including Flickr. See pics below.

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  1. […] you consider both our aging population and the greater broadband connectivity we now have. Motorola showed a TV app for medication alerts and reminders back at […]

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