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Cable and Fiber-to-the-Home

We’ve been talking about RF-over-Glass (RFOG) for well over a year now, but the technology got a major boost this week when Time Warner Cable issued an RFOG RFI. The major benefit of RFOG is the ability for cable operators to extend fiber to the home while still using existing equipment and traditional RF video delivery. RFOG acts as an intermediate step along the way to a passive optical network (PON).

Motorola has been in the RFOG game for some time, but this morning the company announced an exclusive deal with Alloptic to extend its RFOG portfolio with Alloptic’s RFOG solutions. What does this mean? Well, it puts Motorola is a very strong position for deploying FTTH around the world, rounding out Motorola’s fiber offering for the cable industry.

While cable is  not going to migrate to RFOG all at once – there is still room for bandwidth expansion in HFC – there are situations where it will give MSOs the ability to target deployments of very high-bandwidth services. For example, with RFOG deployed, an operator could decide to snap on an optical network terminal (ONT) in a particular region to introduce or expand commercial services. Motorola’s RFOG offering is built to help cable operators evolve over time, allowing for incremental investments rather than wholesale ripping and replacing of network equipment.

Want more context around RFOG and FTTH? There’s plenty on the new Motorola RFOG site. You can also check out some of Motorola’s recent success in the FTTH market here.

3 Responses

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