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Exclusive Video: Move DVR Content with Motorola MOVR

While The Cable Show is now over for another year, I’ve collected plenty of related content for an ongoing series of posts. First up: This video shows a demo of the Motorola MOVR, which is an evolution of the MCUBE concept device I wrote about last September. (Just discovered Motorola has an official video up of this as well.) The MOVR connects to your DVR set-top via USB and acts as its own Web server to make your recorded content available on any wireless, Internet-connected device. Dave Zatz saw the MOVR on site at The Cable Show as well, and has his take over at Zatz Not Funny.

There’s still no official word on when or how this gadget might be available, but my guess is that it would would sell/lease through a TV service provider. As with the MCUBE, the Motorola MOVR transcodes content from your DVR to a format that works best on whatever end device you’re using – adjusting for SD or HD, changing resolutions and encoding schemes, and adapting the bit rate as needed.

Also of interest, the end of this video shows how Motorola has added a video monitoring function to the MOVR as well. You can feed video from a camera in the home to the MOVR and then out over the Internet.

8 Responses

  1. […] Not only will the inexpensive bus-powered Media Mover puck transcode all sorts of video stored on your DVR, it’ll also broadcast (transfer or streaming) that content locally or remotely (think Slingbox) via WiFi or Bluetooth (BT transmission is obviously local only) to cellphones and computers. At The Cable Show, Motorola was demo-ing video playback on a Q9 cellphone, laptop (VNC with DRM plugin), and iPhone. Additionally, this little Media Mover gizmo houses an SD slot (for offloading content?) and a low-res camera that Moto described as a placeshifting nanny cam. […]

  2. […] zatznotfunny via connectedhome2go Turn on Javascript to see informational […]

  3. […] Motorola MOVR Makes Your DVR Content Mobile; device connects to your set-top box and makes your recorded content available on any wireless, Internet-connected device. (Media Experiences 2 Go) […]

  4. […] to be a bus powered USB solution, the Moto MOVR will transcode your video from any source, and then broadcast (either via streaming or transfer) […]

  5. […] of times, but the Mover product has been around in one form or another for more than a year. (See video from The Cable Show) It’s a small device handling encoding, compression and digital rights management that lets […]

  6. […] set-tops have the capability to do a lot of things: VOD, DVR, multi-room DVR, IP integration, content portability to mobile devices, storage extension via external hard drives, and more. Service providers make their decisions on […]

  7. […] Moto MOVR will transcode your video from any source, and then broadcast (either via streaming or transfer) […]

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