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Quarterly Shipment Numbers: Q1 2009

We’re trying something new on the blog. Starting this quarter I will be posting shipment numbers for the Motorola Home and Networks Mobility business on a regular basis. I’ve done it in a haphazard way before, but this blog will now be the home for these quarterly updates. Over time, you will be able to view all quarterly shipment reports by selecting the “Quarterly Shipment Numbers” category. There is a lot of detail provided so hopefully these reports will be helpful to a broad audience. However, I should note that Motorola does not break down the numbers in any more detail, so my ability to answer questions about these quarterly posts in the comments section is limited. You know, public company and all that. Thanks for understanding.

Q1 2009 Shipment Numbers

Home and Networks Mobility segment sales were $2.0 billion, down 16 percent compared to a year-ago quarter. GAAP operating earnings were $115 million, compared to operating earnings of $153 million in the year-ago quarter.

Home and Networks Mobility highlights:

  • Shipped more than 4.3 million digital entertainment devices
  • Introduced industry’s first commercial receiver/decoder (IRD) to deliver three-channel MPEG-4 to MPEG-2 High Definition TV
  • Developed DVR solution with Time Warner using Tru2way(TM) software that enables consumers to share content throughout the home
  • Announced major GSM network expansion awards with Mobily in Saudi Arabia and MTN Ghana
  • Continued momentum with launch of WiMAX network in Jordan and introduction of first WiMAX outdoor customer premise equipment (CPE) with integrated VoIP

Keep reading for shipment breakdowns.

Digital Video Set-Top Unit Shipments (000)

Overall Total: 4,304
HD/HD DVRs*: 1,236 (*Does note include IPTV DVRs)
IPTV Set-Tops: 1,143

Modem Unit Shipments (000)

Overall Total: 2,688
Data Only Modems/Gateways: 1,735
Voice Modems/Gateways: 953

MPEG Encoder Shipments

Overall Total: 570
MPEG-2: 213
MPEG-4: 357

CMTS/Edge Router Port Shipments

Downstream Ports: 17,234
Upstream Ports: 8,264
Chassis Shipments: 137

Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) Shipments

Chassis: 83
ONT: 170,378
4 Port PON Cards: 1,744

WiMAX Shipments

Access Points: 518
CPE & PC Cards: 94,684

Note: If you are an industry analyst with questions, please call Kathy Wiesner at 847-875-0166.

6 Responses

  1. Great, but we want to know how many modems and voice gateways were of the Docsis 3.0 variety? Probably not a whole heckuvalot. Another vendor would only say that wideband modem shipments were in the single-digits (as a percentage) in Q1. Can Moto say the same , or even be more specific?

  2. You know I can’t answer that! But I am rooting around for more specifics on our D3 customers and will get you an update as soon as I can. Also worth noting: Motorola launched D3 modems in retail this quarter, an addition to the direct-to-operator channel.

  3. OK…had to ask even if i knew the answer ahead of time 😉

  4. Jeff- Latest word is Motorola exceeded expectations for the quarter on the D3 front. Hope to have more specifics soon.

  5. […] MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Until recently, cablecos have only had MPEG-2 set-tops in the field, despite increasing market demand for MPEG-4 encoders. MPEG-4 allows operators to save bandwidth, which in turn means more HD and more VOD content. […]

  6. […] in the first quarter, we are once again posting quarterly shipment numbers for the Motorola Home and Networks Mobility […]

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