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Motorola LTE Updates

LTE World Summit logo

The LTE World Summit is taking place this week, which makes it a good time for a quick update on Motorola LTE activities. On Monday, Motorola announced the launch of its LTE advanced self-organizing network (SON) solution. The solution goes beyond the specs in the LTE standard to optimize network architecture and reduce operational costs. Want LTE to get here faster? Making it cheaper to deploy is a good start.

In addition to the announcement, Motorola also has a contribution this week in the telecoms.com LTE Supplement 2009, including a full interview with 4G expert Fred Wright. The Motorola executive talks about the differences between WiMAX and LTE, and why different wireless technologies are suited to different operators. You can read the complete article in the digital version of the publication. Here’s an excerpt discussing the path forward for current CDMA carriers:

CDMA carriers are motivated to adopt LTE, [Wright] says, because “they want to hop on the bandwagon of a global standard that will provide multiple supply sources for infrastructure, lots of device alternatives and multiple chip supply sources. All those things are good from the operators’ perspective because, with more volume and more scale, they get better pricing and more alternatives…

…CDMA carriers have lacked access to the benefits of scale, he says, because the technology was dominated by one chipset vendor and, the lack of ompetitive chip pricing kept handset prices very high compared to GSM. You had one chip supplier that had all the IP combined with high royalty rates resulted relatively few devices suppliers and fairly expensive devices in a
global environment where the lowest price seems to win.”

4 Responses

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