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BT Trialing Motorola TuVista Software for Paralympic World Cup

BT Paralympic World Cup Motorola TuVista CanvasM

Here’s a piece of news a bit outside the norm for this blog. BT, the parent group for British Telecom, is trialing Motorola software for the upcoming Paralympic World Cup that will deliver highlight videos and other event content to consumer mobile handsets. It’s a services and software engagement, but there is a common thread with the rest of the Motorola Home and Networks Mobility group – namely video. The trial includes near-live content creation and publishing, content management, and video distribution. I spoke with Motorola’s Venkat Eswara yesterday to get a sense of how it all works.

The first component of the solution is content publishing.The joint venture group CanvasM, formed by Motorola and Tech Mahindra, consults with the content provider (in this case BT) on everything from business model, to where cameras should be located, to how best to enable access.The TuVista software is then used to edit and optimize video during the live event (in this case the Paralympic World Cup), and even to manage ad insertion.

The second component is video distribution. Motorola/CanvasM can provide hosting services, transcode media for different devices, and enable restricted delivery based on area, zone, geography, etc.

The third and final component is the TuVista mobile application, which works on most video-enabled and broadband-enabled handsets. The mobile app provides bundled video and related content before, during, and after the actual event.

The BT event marks the first public trial of the Motorola TuVista solution, but apparently there are other trials and discussions in the works with other customers. Motorola’s strength here is end-to-end video expertise – from video processing, to transport, to consumer access. That and existing network and services relationships with providers are reportedly what’s driving interest in the TuVista solution. Though with increasing interest in mobile content as a whole, I can only assume that this type of live-event mobile video solution will continue to grow in popularity.

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  1. […] Eswara sent these comments all the way from Amsterdam. I talked to Venkat back in May when Motorola announced a British Telecom trial of Motorola TuVista software. He talks more about TuVista here, and I’ve also included a video from an earlier event below […]

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