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Quarterly Shipment Numbers: Q2 2009

As in the first quarter, we are once again posting quarterly shipment numbers for the Motorola Home and Networks Mobility business here on the blog. Here are some of the highlights, with the full breakdown of numbers after the jump.

Q2 2009 Shipment Numbers

Home and Networks Mobility segment sales were $2.0 billion, down 27 percent compared to the year-ago quarter. GAAP operating earnings were $153 million, compared to operating earnings of $245 million in the year-ago quarter.

Home and Networks Mobility highlights:

  • Shipped 3.7 million digital entertainment devices
  • Launched the world’s first retail DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem
  • Surpassed cumulative WiMAX CPE shipments of 650,000 units
  • Announced an all-fiber enterprise passive optical LAN solution designed to reduce network cost and complexity

Digital Video Set-Top Unit Shipments (000)

Overall Total: 3,732
HD/HD DVRs*: 1,366 (*Does not include DTAs or IPTV DVRs)
IPTV Set-Tops: 1,047

Modem Unit Shipments (000)

Overall Total: 2,667
Data Only Modems/Gateways: 1,813
Voice Modems/Gateways: 854

MPEG Encoder Shipments

Overall Total: 811
MPEG-2: 379
MPEG-4: 432

CMTS/Edge Router Port Shipments

Downstream Ports: 15,103
Upstream Ports: 13,052
Chassis Shipments: 222

Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) Shipments

Chassis: 164
ONT: 127,122
4 Port PON Cards: 901

WiMAX Shipments

Access Points: 1,241
CPE & PC Cards: 199,221

Note: If you are an industry analyst with questions, please call Kathy Wiesner at 847-875-0166.

7 Responses

  1. I love this kind of data, thxs for sharing. Do you have any sense as to whether or not there is a lot of seasonal fluctuations to these numbers of if they tend to be pretty smooth each quarter since cable companies don’t really have a holiday season rush at the end of the year? At this pace, it would mean that Motorola is cranky out 5 million DVRs per year, way to do your part to to support the ad agencies 😉 Any sense as to what the DVR number may have been in the same qtr 1 and 2 years ago?

  2. Davis- You’re welcome. Glad I can share this stuff.

    Last year’s set-top numbers were very high, in part because of the CableCARD mandate. I don’t have the full breakdowns before 2009, but I did report some shipment numbers sporadically before this year. Motorola shipped 4.7 million set-tops last Q4 and 4.1 million set-tops last Q3. Those numbers were significantly higher than the same time period in 2007, however. 2009 so far falls in the middle. And yes, there are seasonal fluctuations, but I don’t remember off the top what the typical variations are.

  3. […] upstreams, and 314 CMTS chassis. That compares favorably to rival Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT), which shipped 15,103 downstream ports, 13,052 upstreams, and 222 CMTS chassis in the same period. CMTS sales also […]

  4. 4.7 million DVRs in 3 months is pretty incredible mandate or not. Guess it’s fair to say that DVR is well on its way to mainstream now. Should be interesting to see how programs change once all of us are fast forwarding.

    In some ways I can’t believe that its taken this long, but it still took the DVD years to get full penetration and it’s one of the fastest adopted technologies ever. Would love to learn more about the types of seasonal events that impact demand for DVRs by your cable partners.

    I could see how a big order in the summer might try to take advantage of peak TV interest in the fall, but then again, maybe spring is high qtr because people look for fresh entertainment options once reruns hit or is it something more company specific like Q1 b/c everyone negotiates deals at CES? Do you know if this seasonal pattern has changed/is different for traditional receivers vs. DVR. My gut would tell me that the timing for both products would be similar, but it would be fascinating if we knew that people were timing their DVR upgrades to coincide w/ Super Bowl, school, fall TV, etc.

  5. Hi, What is the geographic breakdown of the IPTV STBs for 1H09 or just 2Q09?

  6. Jahangir- Motorola doesn’t break out numbers geographically, but in the US the big public deployment of IP set-tops is with AT&T. Outside the US, many of the IP set-tops based on the Motorola KreaTV platform are out in Europe and Asia. See http://connectedhome2go.com/2009/05/06/a-closer-look-at-motorola-iptv-outside-the-us/.

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