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More TV Everywhere News

TV Everywhere breakfast logoAfter the TV Everywhere breakfast panel in New York earlier this month, I was surprised at the level of pessimism from reporters about the near future of online TV from cable and telco operators. Steve Donahue of Contentinople said: “A lack of standards and a legal debate may keep the cable industry’s ‘TV Everywhere’ efforts from being widely deployed for at least another two years.” And David Kaplan at Paid Content quoted CBS Interactive’s Quincy Smith extensively saying that the concept “won’t reach critical mass until perhaps 2014.”

Oddly, I had a different take on the TV Everywhere breakfast, coming away with the perspective that operators are trying a lot of different things, but that many are committed to aggressive rollouts of TV Everywhere service. And news today suggests that the TV Everywhere train is rolling right along.

Todd Spangler at Multichannel News has two stories up this morning about Time Warner Cable and Verizon TV Everywhere initiatives. We’ve heard before that TWC had a plan in the works, and now the operator says it is starting a 5,000-person trial along the lines of the Comcast trial already underway. Verizon, meanwhile, is partnering with Time Warner Inc. to launch FiOS TV Online. The telco trial will start with content from TNT and TBS.

Interestingly, unlike the Comcast move to make TV content available from a Comcast-branded site (Fancast.com or Comcast.net), Verizon, and possibly Time Warner Cable will authenticate subscribers at multiple sites for online viewing. Panelists at the TV Everywhere breakfast expressed belief that ultimately operators will all move to the latter model.

6 Responses

  1. I’d say I’m highly skeptical. Expecting the cable companies to compete with all the over the top services like Hulu & TV.com is like expecting an elephant to race a horse. They just can’t move that fast. The 85 vice presidents will still be debating the issues while the competition is rolling out version 42.

    Hey, maybe I’m wrong. This may be cable’s one chance. I’m accessing more and more of my TV content from the web, or on my phone, and if they don’t lock me in via a scheme like this (which I would actually appreciate), I don’t see why I should keep paying those ridiculous cable bills every month. Once I start paying iTunes and Amazon and … for access regularly, I’m gonna have to save money someplace…

    • You’ve got a point about paying several different types of content providers (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). That’s never going to be a practical response because it gives consumers pause every time they have to make a purchase. This has got to come down to some kind of Web subscription service, whether it comes from cablecos or not.

      Regarding the need for speed, you’re certainly right about huge cable companies having difficulty competing against smaller, more nimble online entities. However, the cable companies (and telcos) do have advantages on their side: the last mile pipe, existing *paying* customer relationships, and established consumer behaviors. Also, for what it’s worth, the cable guys are really focused on making TV Everywhere work. That doesn’t mean it will, or that it will as well as operators and consumers want, but it does mean that the cablecos know how important this is.

  2. […] premium TV content.  That should confirm to service providers involved in the Time Warner-led TV Everywhere that the best they may be able to hope for is a sticky service, rather than an additional revenue […]

  3. […] those dire predictions over the summer from folks saying we wouldn’t see a national roll-out of TV Everywhere until […]

  4. […] several other pay-TV players have also announced their own plans to launch TV Everywhere services. Time Warner Cable, Verizon, and AT&T all have projects underway, though their supporting network architectures are vastly […]

  5. I work for DISH Network and they have TV Everywhere available now. I think it’s great to bring internet and TV together and I’m taking full advantage. I downloaded the DISH Remote Access app almost as soon as it came out and I’m addicted. With this app I can watch live and recorded shows anywhere I have internet access on different kinds of mobile devices. So far, so great! Check it out for yourself on DISH’s website.

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