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Motorola Launches Three New WiMAX Products

Get ready for a slew of Motorola press releases over the next week… and no, I’m not talking about the much-anticipated Android announcements. First, from the current parade of conferences, we have news of new Motorola WiMAX products. The company has just launched two new CPE (customer premises equipment) devices and one new WiMAX access point.

Motorola USBw_200_MD_US-EN WiMAX PC adapter dongle 4G worldOn the CPE side are the new CPEi 725 and USBw 200 (pictured right) due out in Q4. Both are upgrades on earlier products that include technology for automatically switching between two antennae depending on which is receiving the stronger signal. The CPEi 725 is a desktop modem with one voice port, very similar to the CPEi 775. The USBw 200 is a PC adapter much like the USBw 100 I carry around, except it uses less power – less than 1.5 watts at peak power.

Motorola WAP 650 WiMAX access point 4G worldOn the infrastructure side comes the new WAP 650 access point series. Also an upgrade product, the 650 improves on the WAP 450 (currently used in Clearwire deployments) by increasing the network coverage area by fifty percent. Instead of using two transmit and two receive paths like the 450 version, the WAP 650 uses four of each path, with delivery of up to 20W of power through each transmission channel. The new access point is available in the 2.3 GHZ, 2.5 GHz, and 3.5 GHz frequency bands.

I’m expecting to get pics and video demos (WiMAX and LTE) from the show floor at 4G World next week. I’ll post as they arrive.

8 Responses

  1. […] markets. Of course, you need hardware to connect to that fast, wireless network and Motorola just happens to have you covered. The company has a new USB adapter, the USBw 200, which supports WiMAX on three frequencies — […]

  2. […] other mobile news from yesterday before today’s Android news takes over. In addition to the new WiMAX products announced, Motorola launched its LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solution, the WBC 700 portfolio. The important […]

  3. […] not far behind. Today LTE is still limited by a lack of market-ready devices – no LTE-based PC adapter yet, as an example. But ultimately LTE and WiMAX will coexist, with consumer adoption driven by the […]

  4. […] the lead-up to Mobile World Congress), Motorola also introduced a new WiMAX docking station for the USBw 200 WiMAX adapter. This is an interesting play because it extends the the reach of the USB device for mobile WiMAX […]

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