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From the Show Floor at IBC

While I would love to get to all the trade shows and events in the broadband and wireless industries, it simply isn’t possible. Luckily, other folks on the ground are willing to provide on-site commentary. Venkat Eswara sent these comments all the way from Amsterdam. I talked to Venkat back in May when Motorola announced a British Telecom trial of Motorola TuVista software. He talks more about TuVista here, and I’ve also included a video from an earlier event below showing how the TuVista software actually works. Enjoy.

One of the big themes here at IBC this year is sports broadcasting and content – it’s getting a lot of attention and talk around the halls and in the conferences.  Broadcasters are looking at how they can drive more revenue from the content they create at sports event, with an eye on lowering capex and opex as well as getting this content to more users.  Sports in particular with events like the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and the Olympics in 2012 coming up are making the industry think more about how we can get more personalised content to sports fans.

For broadcasters and operators the sports segment can be lucrative – die-hard fans are willing to spend money on following their favourite team or sport.  And for the sports event hosts there’s always a merchandising opportunity to be had through impulse buying at the event itself.  What the industry is focused on now is how to enhance the sports event experience through real-time video and mobile services.  And I think that’s why there’s been quite a bit of attention so far on our IBC stand on TuVista – this is our sports content bundling solution that we trialled earlier this year with BT which brings together what we can do in video, mobility and services to create and view near-real time bundles of sports content.

We’re hearing the time is right for this now because of a few things: first, the market is primed from the technology side of things – mobile broadband usage is up, with WiFi, 3G, WiMAX and even LTE in the future; second, the ecosystem is beginning to emerge between the event content owners and operators and finally users are ready and have already shown us they have an appetite for video content on the go.

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