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Motorola Does End-to-End VOD in China

Advanced on-demand Motorola VOD

Motorola announced over the weekend a new VOD deal with Jiangsu, one of the largest operators in China with eleven million subscribers. Although you can find some information on the agreement over in the posted press release, I went digging for more details with some of the executive team. First, the deal includes both Motorola B-1 and B-3 servers. The B-1s are being used for larger streaming sites, while the B-3s are being used in smaller streaming sites as edge servers. Add in the CPS1000, which Jiangsu has, and you get a CDN-like architecture.  The CPS1000 helps to determine where content should be stored and how it should be streamed within the network.

Motorola b-1 b-3 video servers on-demand VODThe deal this month is an expansion of an earlier contract, which only encompassed B-1 video servers. The technology is open, which means Motorola’s servers full integrate with on-demand technology from other companies. However, this year Jiangsu decided to go end to end with Motorola. In addition to video servers and the CPS1000, Jiangsu is also using Motorola’s TSX1000 back office application. The TSX1000 helps to manage metadata and connect with the operator’s billing systems.

One final note: one of the on-demand services Motorola is helping Jiangsu deliver is Program Restart, aka Start Over. If a subscriber turns a program on in the middle, he/she can flip back to the beginning with this time-shifting TV app.

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