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The Transport Gateway – IP and QAM in One Box

The Motorola transport gateway has been floating around for several months, but there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of it. Until recently, interest in cable IPTV has been muted, but more and more cable operators are exploring IP video options. And that makes this a good time to look closely at the transport gateway. (Check out the video recorded at IBC above)

In brief, the transport gateway is an modem/router for the home that also includes QAM tuners. Whether or not cablecos ultimately decide to broadcast video over one big IP pipe (which may happen some day), they can still network video over IP in the home and allow users to connect to other IP devices. The four QAM tuners in the gateway receive MPEG video and convert the signals to IP. Meanwhile, the gateway also receives DOCSIS data streams, and includes voice ports to boot. Here are some of the specs:

  • 4 Ethernet ports
  • 2 telephony ports
  • DOCSIS 3.0 support
  • 802.11n access point
  • 4 narrowband tuners for QAM video service
  • Support for a user-provided external hard drive with DLNA for networking

Sounds like home networking heaven. Some day there may be one big, fat cable IP pipe leading into the home, but given the advantages of the existing MPEG infrastructure, it’s good to have other options for converging video and data within the home.

UPDATE: Motorolan Malcolm Latham had this anecdote on the transport gateway from the IBC show floor.

The gateway can work with any standard IP set-top and Motorola’s Chris Kohler was challenged by a customer to prove it, so after the end of the show they came with a set-top from another vendor to try… Showing no sign of fear, Chris plugged it in and it worked perfectly!!

14 Responses

  1. 1. Is there a cable card slot for the QAM tuners?
    2. Can this provide HDHomeRun like solution?
    3. Can Windows 7 media center use these tuners?
    4. Could cable operators deploy the much better IP set tops?

  2. cypherstream- the only question I have an answer for is the final one. Yes, operators could deploy the gateways with IP set-tops if they chose. Regarding the first question, I assume there would be a CableCARD slot for the US, but I’m trying to confirm. I have no idea on questions two and three, and probably won’t get that kind of detail at this point. But I’ll let you know what I find out.

  3. […] applications directly from the MSO and from the wilds of the Internet. Along those lines, Motorola showed off what it calls a "transport gateway" at the recent IBC show in Amsterdam. That QAM-IP combo device […]

  4. […] Inc. (NYSE: MOT), meanwhile, confirmed that the current version of a QAM-IP "transport gateway" it showed off at the recent IBC show in Amsterdam is not using Intel or Broadcom silicon, but instead powering it […]

  5. IP to QAM Gateway

  6. […] IP delivery was the headliner. How do you reconcile Tru2way and IP? Why go IP? And how do you do IP in the home? It was a reasonably frank discussion and certainly a lot different than anything I heard a year […]

  7. […] innovation. Motorola set-tops have the capability to do a lot of things: VOD, DVR, multi-room DVR, IP integration, content portability to mobile devices, storage extension via external hard drives, and more. […]

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  9. […] Thought this was worth sharing. The diagram above illustrates a proposed home network architecture. (Click to see full size) It comes from a presentation by Motorola senior director of engineering Chris Kohler at NAB and expands on some of the thinking around the transport gateway concept. […]

  10. Hey can I reference some of the information found in this blog if I reference you with a link back to your site?

  11. […] finally, there’s the significance of the cable gateway movement, which has the potential to join IP and QAM video streams right at the entry point to the subscriber home. No set-top upgrade […]

  12. […] last year also gave us our first good look at the Motorola transport gateway. The transport gateway is only the first incarnation of a networking concept, but it’s one […]

  13. […] but until this last month I’ve yet to see any real in-the-field demos. That changed with the Motorola demo in Amsterdam, and just this week Intel is showcasing the power of its CE3100 chip by demoing a True2way box with […]

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