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Fiber to the Home Conference and Perspectives

FTTH conference and expo 2009 logo

The 2009 FTTH Conference and Expo starts up next week with sessions covering everything from broadband stimulus proposals, to MDU delivery, to RFOG. I won’t be making the Houston trip, but Motorola will certainly be there. In fact, the first pre-show press release from Motorola went out yesterday – a GPON deal with Middleburgh Telephone Company outside of Albany New York.

Meanwhile, the FTTH Council has posted an interview (PDF link) with Verizon CTO Dick Lynch from earlier in the month that’s worth a read. Mr. Lynch is doing a keynote presentation at next week’s conference, and he elaborates somewhat in this article on what Verizon has planned for its FTTH networks in the future. There’s a focus on home network applications that certainly jives with other Verizon articles and posts I’ve read recently. No doubt we’ll hear more out of next week’s event.

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