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World’s First Live TD-LTE Drive Demo

Continuing on the LTE demo drive theme, Motorola announced today that it is running the world’s first live Time Division Duplex LTE (TD-LTE) network demonstration in Geneva this week at ITU Telecom World. Working with China Mobile, Motorola has set up a TD-LTE network outside the event in a radius of roughly 600-700 meters. Drive time is about 10-15 minutes with LTE coverage, and in-field speeds are hitting 35-40 Mbps. Applications shown during the demo including HD video streaming, GPS navigation, VoIP telephony, video conferencing, and high-speed Web browsing.

Late last week I had a chance to talk with Motorolan Stephane Daeuble to get a little bit of context on the LTE network set-up. For the most part I grilled Stephane on the technical and practical differences between TD-LTE and the more-common Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) LTE. TD-LTE is not as prevalent as the FDD version because it operates on different spectrum frequencies. Many telecom operators already own spectrum that can be converted from GSM or CDMA to FDD-LTE. There are large exceptions, however, with China Mobile being one operator that is moving forward with TD-LTE in the 2.6 GHz frequency band.

There is one other major difference between the two types of LTE. FDD-LTE dictates how bandwidth is allocated between the uplink and the downlink. TD-LTE, on the other hand, allows operators to decide how much bandwidth goes to the uplink versus the downlink. This has interesting implications when you think about using LTE for video broadcasting. In such a scenario, operators could allocate nearly all of the available bandwidth to the downlink, increasing downstream capacity and therefore performance. It’s an interesting application for TD-LTE, and one that other global operators are considering in conjunction with FDD-LTE deployments.

Meanwhile, back at the ITU Telecom show, Motorola also has an is also supporting China Mobile’s LTE-connected booth inside the event. Speeds there (thanks to multiple-antenna technology) are running in the 112-120 Mbps range. Check out the video above for a good look at the TD-LTE experience.

6 Responses

  1. But where was the demo? I would have liked to see him live, surfing the net, showing interactive, high-bandwidth use scenarios being played out as they were driving along. Presumably the laptop in the background was accessing the web, but it could have been a canned presentation that was playing along as he talked.

  2. Yea,
    Looks like LTE is not ready for full out demo since all they can do is talk about it. Where is the kiosk outside with people oggling over the “300mpbs” I don’t see it, is LTE real?

  3. Demo? Did you see the spider?

  4. […] has hit several milestones with LTE of late, including demonstrating a live TD-LTE network with CMCC in a real urban RF environment, winning a handful of awards, and launching an advanced LTE […]

  5. […] has just announced a commercial LTE deployment with Zain in Saudi Arabia. Unlike Motorola’s TD-LTE work with KDDI and China Mobile, the Zain network will be based on FDD LTE in the 2.6GHz frequency band. […]

  6. […] LTE platform with the launch of the WBR 700 Series LTE eNodeB. The WBR 700 Series supports FDD and TD-LTE solutions and has an LTE baseband with up to four times the capacity of the average LTE baseband on […]

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