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FiOS Talk at Supercomm

Verizon FiOS facebook widgetIf you happened to hear Ivan Seidenberg’s keynote speech at Supercomm this morning, you know he spent a good deal of time talking about net neutrality. However, avoiding that wasp’s nest, he also provided some insight on where FiOS is headed. Seidenberg was enthusiastic about progress on the interactive TV front, citing Verizon’s multi-room DVR service, interactive media guide, and growing library of widgets. He also mentioned something I haven’t heard before, namely that Verizon will soon offer a software development kit (SDK) for developers who want to create new applications for the FiOS TV platform. This goes along the lines of what Verizon is promoting on its wireless side, i.e. aggressive app store development. It’s hard to know how quickly the TV app world will move forward, but certainly Verizon has shown a great willingness to push the TV envelope over the last couple of years. (New Mac support for FiOS Media Manager came out yesterday.)

Seidenberg also dropped some interesting stats during his speech, including the nugget that the cost of a broadband connection has halved since 2001. Lower cost means greater penetration, and that leads to new opportunities (loftily proclaimed by the Verizon CEO) in the smart grid arena, the medical field, and beyond.

One Response

  1. I’ll tell you one thing, and I’m a 27yo male in I.T.

    If I have a choice between 2 providers, 1 offers fancy graphics/features/an open SDK to develop apps, and the other does not offer any of those, who do you think I’m going to shell out my $200 a month for? The one that offers all the fancy features, eye candy, and development platform, that’s who!

    If the “TV App Store” takes off or not, Gen-Y want’s it to be available as an option and they want it now. Growing up in the information age it’s time to have that information on all screens, whether it’s your computer, phone, or TV. Convergence is key from this moment going forward. For a provider such as Verizon to even think about opening up their Fios TV Interactive platform to developers, I would choose them over any other provider out there… Comcast, Charter, Cablevision, AT&T, whoever…. Fios wins out.

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